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Working from Home

• Word Processing

     Letters, Document Formatting, Manuscripts/       Scripts, Mail Merge, Resumes, Term Papers,

     E-Books, Manuals, Reports, Etc.

• Application Typing

• Form Creation

• Converting To & From PDF

PowerPoint Presentations

• Database Management

• Spreadsheets

• APA/MLA Dissertations

• Proofreading / Copy Editing

• Transcription Services

• Composition 

• Mailing and Kitting
• Scheduling

• Filing

• Scanning

Fast & Accurate Typists

​Speed with a keyboard isn’t learned overnight. It’s honed tirelessly by many who would call it an art. For those who wouldn’t consider themselves typists, but need the skills of one in a jiffy, Biz Services Etc. can alleviate your frustration.

Let our skilled team use their speed (over 60 wpm) and accuracy (over 95%) to type up your content-heavy documents, scripts, term papers, etc. We can compose, update and store résumés or letters with ease. Less legwork for you means less hassle, too.

Call us today for all your work processing needs.

Other Admin Svcs
Image by Aleks Dorohovich

• Document Management

• Mailing and Kitting

• Scheduling
• Collections

• Order Processing

• Small Item Order Fulfillment

• Newsletter Creation
• Mail Sorting
• Excel Spreadsheet Creation

• Binding

• Document Finishing

• Laminating

• And So Much More.  Just Ask!

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