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​CAN I STILL RECEIVE PACKAGES IF I RENT ONLY A SMALL MAILBOX?  Yes.  In the event you receive an unreasonable volume of mail or packages, you may be required to upgrade to a larger mailbox and/or pay additional service fees.

​HOW MANY NAMES MAY I HAVE ON THE MAILBOX?  The number of names you can include on each mailbox depends on the size of the mailbox you rent.  We allow up to five names on small mailbox rentals, up to seven names on medium mailbox rentals, and up to ten names with large mailbox rentals.  Each additional name is $1.00 per month.  Each person included on a mailbox must fill out a separate USPS Form 1583 and provide two acceptable forms of ID's.  This is required by the Post Office.

​DO I NEED TO COME INTO THE STORE TO SIGN UP FOR MAILBOX SERVICES?  No. You can get Form 1583 notarized, and then fax, mail or email it to us (along with copies of the two acceptable ID's, a signed Acknowledgement Form and a signed Mail Fast Agreement).  We will be able to accept mail for you as soon as we receive these 5 items.

​HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE PACKAGES THAT ARE TOO LARGE TO PUT INTO MY MAILBOX?  When we receive a package that is too large for a mailbox, we insert a yellow notice into the mailbox which lets you know you received a package too large for your mailbox.  Bring the notice to us during our open hours, and we'll retrieve your package(s).

​HOW MUCH DOES IT COST FOR MY MAIL AND PACKAGES TO BE FORWARDED?  Our mail forwarding fee is $2 per service, and you'll need to cover the actual cost of postage or shipping via the carrier of your choice.  You can leave a deposit with us to cover the fee and costs, or you can provide us with credit card information.

HOW WILL YOU FORWARD MY MAIL/PACKAGES?  WHAT CARRIERS DO YOU USE?   We generally use the United States Postal Service for smaller packages because they usually have the lowest prices.  If you prefer to use a different carrier, we will gladly do that.  We are authorized shipping partners with UPS, FedEx and DHL, so it would be very easy for us to ship to you using any one of these carriers.  If you prefer to have a tracking number via USPS and/or to have your mail and/or packages sent to you faster than the United States Postal Service's First Class mail services, we can do this also.  You're the boss!  Let us know what you want and we’ll try to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

​WILL YOU CONSOLIDATE MY ITEMS INTO ONE PACKAGE TO SAVE ME MONEY?  Yes!  One of the best features about our service is that we will consolidate your shipment whenever possible.  This is guaranteed to save you money (as opposed to shipping each item separately).  We will hold your mail and parcels and forward everything in one shipment when requested.

​CAN I USE MY ADDRESS FOR ANY PURPOSE, WITHOUT RESTRICTION?  You may use your address for almost any legal activity.  If we receive credible information that the account MAY be being used for illicit or fraudulent purposes, we may close your mailbox automatically and return all the items to the senders.  In addition to fraud, following is a list of activities that may result in cancellation of your account: Using your address for "phishing" activities, using your account to ship illegal or hazardous materials, using your address to maliciously misrepresent your identity to authorities or to the public, other activities considered by us to be illegal, unethical or malicious.

Please note that we reserve the right to cooperate with authorities in combating fraud and identity theft. We honor all valid legal subpoenas.

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